Monday, March 22, 2010

when you try your best but you don't succeed.

oh wow. i'm blogging 2 days in a row. on a school night some more. terrible. well i'll make this short and sweet.

tomorrow is my sister's birthday. and she is at home with our favourite dog sushee. unfortunately she has to work tomorrow. but ahwell. more money for her to go on a shopping spree then. i bought her the huge ass haviannas float. i have no idea what use she'll have with it back home. sun bathing on the garden perhaps? but she liked it and since i owe her a few years worth of presents i decided to just get her something she had wanted to buy but hesitated on. so yes. haviannas float it is. so yes.

happy birthday sis.

i was looking at some old(er) photographs cause i decided it was time to change my profile picture. and i saw the pictures my sister took while she was still around.



you know, i came to melbourne thinking that you would still be here when i get here. and that hopefully you'll stay on a few more years AND WE CAN FLY OUR DARLING SUSHEE OVER AND LET HER PEE ALL OVER THE CARPETED APARTMENT SO THAT IT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE MY APARTMENT NOW. but ahwell, things did not work out as planned. obviously. but yes, i do realise you have no intention on staying here and i can't force you to or anything. i just wish you had. it's no fun shopping without you. i don't really trust anyone else's fashion advice. so ya. shopping nowadays is very difficult. and you would drive, of course largely due to the fact we had yiwen's car, which is so much easier than my having to walk everywhere now (though a much healthier option) and anyhow hop on trams and checking metlink website everytime i want to go somewhere. and i have been wanting to eat miss marples for the longest time now BUT HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET UP MT DANDENONG? bloody hell. and so yes, i really miss having you around. melbourne is not the same without you and your ah-boy around. i think if he was still here i'd feel a little bit better. which is such a strange thing but yes. somehow i think i would.

so anyhoos, i hope you have an awesome day even though you have to work. blow up the float and use it as your bed. how fun is that. at least you have sushee with you. remember the hideous paint piece i drew you the first year you were in melbourne. hahah. that was hilarious. here's another one for you:


those white balls are hail stones by the way. i'm along the yarra river wearing my nice new navy harem pants from forever new. the similarities are uncanny aren't they. and those are balloons, not sperms. thankew very much. yes, this year it's just me. no ma and sushee. i bet the stupid picture will get cut off due to the formatting of my blog so here's the link.

i always think it's funny that i call you jie ah. like can you imagine when we're old and like 60+ sitting around doing nothing and i still call you jie ah. that's just a funny scene to imagine in my head. hur hur. i'm crazy, i know.

so yes, you have fun with the float and everything else. and i'll get back to my stupid hansum guy's essay. it's unfair that he's so hansum because i'm too afraid of his hansum-ness to arrange and appointment with him to talk about my essay. instead, i shall go through it with a friend. so not the better alternative, i know. but he's just way to hansum, i don't think i can handle it. hahahhahaha.

and also, a special shout out to my dear friend QAZIMBO who wants me to blog more often with pictures so he can have a glimpse of my exciting life down under. just to let you know, my life here really isn't as exciting as you imagine it to be. so no pictures for you. not for now anyway. maybe soon when easter week arrives and my essay is done and I CAN PARTAYYYY! i miss oogling at good-looking PEOPLE (hur hur) with you, you know that. oogling is not the same without you. hahaha. READ THIS AND COMMENT OK. i hope school is fine for you, it has started right? and yes, yimeibao is totally domesticated and house-wife-ish now. though the food she cooks is not necessarily very nice. let's make a date for more starbucks kopi and oogling when i'm back ok. mocha frappucinno with LOTS of whip cream. yes i remember :)

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